Welcome to Shamrock Nook Red Angus. If you are interested in influential females or powerful bulls that will produce great replacements, browse through our site to find out why Shamrock Nook Red Angus has ideal genetics for today's cattle industry. You will have the opportunity to start where we've left off. The cattle we have to offer are breed changers.  They demonstrate the broad spectrum of our herd - flush cows, young elite females, and herd bull prospects. We've done the difficult part. You will be buying select quality Red Angus cattle that have been developed through 25 years of data evaluation, carcass collection, and culling.  You'll see some of the best cow families -  Eleanor, Tidy Bee, Copperqueen, Bloxy, Hi Dee, Mimi, and on and on. You will have the chance to take advantage of our selection process, and then chart your own herd's breeding direction.

At Shamrock Nook Red Angus, we concentrate on the production of profitable seedstock, emphasizing calving ease, maternal traits, fertility, quiet disposition and performance. We believe that the maternal strength of our herd is of utmost importance. Nowhere else will you find the depth of pedigree that walks our pastures everyday.  Our cattle are bred to balance the ever-critical calving ease trait with high growth and desirable carcass traits. We've got a great group of bred  heifers for sale, check them out.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. Shamrock Nook Farms are located in south central Wisconsin, 25 miles south of Madison, 3 miles east of Albany.  We look forward to visiting with you, so drop stop in, send an e-mail, or give us a call.

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Farm Office

Joe and Sue Dunphy

 Jim and Pam Dunphy

W401 Hwy. 59

W646 Hwy. 59

W381 Dunphy Rd.

Albany, WI 53502 

Albany, WI 53502

Albany, WI 53502

Email: joe(at)shamrocknook(dot)com

608.558.5342 cell